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iOS Applications

In lucrative iPhone market, we can translate your business ideas to reality within a relatively short span of time with the promise of high quality and support.

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Android Applications

Everyone seems to be in the race of capturing enormous customer base in Android, but we stand out as we focus on providing a trustworthy product that can ensure life-long productivity.

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Web Applications

The World is shifting on clouds and we let you do so, by shifting your products on it. We develop web applications which can bring flexibility to your operations.

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Customized ERPs

There are countless different things in every enterprise that needs to be addressed in order to make an enterprise functional and profitable. So we handcraft solutions for your needs.

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E-commerce Solutions

No business can ignore their potential customers who keep hanging out online looking out for products in need. So we let you grab every bit of it, by helping you sell your goodies online.

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Internet Of Things (IOT)

Humans getting smarter and so are machines, we find out effective ways of communication between machines and you so that machines can help you add IntelliSense to your life.

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We put the basic
into business again

Business with us, is Buttery

You might find monolithic software development companies ill-suited for your collaborative style business. So, here we are, end-to-end solution for your problem with your extensive involvement in the development process.


Our experts, learn the nuances of your industry and provide strategic, technical and experiential recommendations, guiding you to overcome complex transformations.

Brainy Ideas

A penny for our thoughts? We’ll give them to you for free! Let us involve in your business, and we will let our creative minds work for your business.

why choose us

Passionate Working

We are passionate about providing realistic, innovative, feature-rich and highly functional mobile, web and customised solutions for your business needs which drive your business growth. Our team holds high standards for quality of code and innovative approach in devising algorithms for solving real-time problems hitting you.

We are edgy, but with a level of professionalism. We are able to convey real business professionalism, with still a hint of humour in our work. We are fresh. With new ideas, With new technologies and obviously Old trust.

In journey up till now, we understood one thing very well, ‘Availability’ and that’s most important. If someone wishes to approach you, maybe with the new project idea, maybe for a query in the business model,  maybe for support in existing software/service, or maybe simply for a cup of coffee, Yes, We are available 24*7 and our doors are open always. because we think if we are not available when you need then our existence isn’t significant for you and we strive to make it so.

If you have a business idea or may be a running business and for it, if you turn to us for a software solution, so our goal is not just getting stuff built and handover it to you. But, our team adds dedicated efforts in understanding your business idea, then according to your needs, we customise the solution into a deliverable product and will do things, that are best for you, and that will help you yield productivity, we add our souls to your dreams so that your dreams can come true.

You are aware, the industry we are serving in is ever-evolving, nothing is persistent here, things keep changing overnight and we are glad that we are accustomed to adopting this change. So that, this can directly benefit You. We learn and work on latest technologies like Swift in iOS, NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Firebase, New features and work patterns in latest versions of Android OS, MVVM & MVC frameworks like Angular & ASP.Net for web platforms and Node js and Web API2 frameworks for developing APIs. We use cutting-edge tech and add extra efforts to solutions so that they are efficient in facing real world challenges.

A touch of Midas to your business

A good website, or a swift business application or an easy way to contact you are all important to create your presence across the globe and virtual globe or internet to turn potential netizen clients to you.