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about Fosterbin

Fosterbin Policy

Our goal is to ensure success of businesses around us, by integrating technology into their operations yielding higher productivity and manageability.

Right from engineering we identified opportunities in all kind of businesses where technology be its Android apps, iOS apps, customized web solutions or IoT devices which can be efficiently involved to tackle problems and boost business success.

With this goal we started a Startup, a usual company but definitely with Unusual Goals. So after a year long journey we are here… A self-funded and self-sustained company serving a huge customer base.

Research and Analysis
Coding Ethics
skills & innovation
On time delivery

We will make you a technophile.

Our belief

The technology is evolving faster than the earth is revolving around the sun, sounds amusing but the fact it is. The only way to survive in this competitive world is to blend your business with technology, involve human beings in your business just for part of decisive intelligence and let that part of intelligence be derived from the technology we develop for you.

For you

Two good friends can talk for 48 hours in a single day, sounds amusing too but the fact it is. Likewise, we can work exponentially for the growth of your business, Softwares are not a mere piece of some applications running on your computer/phones, they should amplify your work, provide you analytical skills and automize all your manual work.

Our work culture

Domain Understanding

The domain understanding of our experts will help us to implement a tangible solution for your business.

Your Views

Our customers are users of the system, so we respect their views and inputs while incorporating solutions.

Quick and Precise

We offer quick and precise actions in support, we understand the value of our solution in your business and won’t let you down.


We offer transparency in the development process and efficiency in the delivery timeline, helping to collaborate with your team.